John Scott Blackwell

Photographer / Filmaker / Designer

John Scott Blackwell has always had both an eye and a natural tendency towards expression through imagery. After graduating with honours in graphic design, Blackwell began his career at a design and advertising agency.

Blackwell has worked with reputable household brands such as Virgin Atlantic and Capital One, before moving more firmly into food photography and portrait work; suiting Blackwell’s natural gravitation towards raw stills, innovative and unexpected cropping, and creativity in capturing the atmosphere with his playful use of lighting and movement. Having since teamed up with photographer and food stylist Tor Pearce, the two have become a dynamic team, bringing both a sense of balance and composition coupled with a distinctive raw edge, thus distinguishing the signature style of their award winning photography and film. 

Blackwell has continued to build his resume and experience in the culinary world, working with innovative Michelin-starred chefs, including Sat Bains, Simon Rogan, Claude Bosi, Peter and Jonray Sánchez-Iglesias.  His portraits and photography have also appeared in national and international publications such as  The Times magazine, The Daily Telegraph,  GQ, Good Things  Cook Inc any many more. He has also recently earned the title of Best Photographer in the category of 'Food in Action', competing amongst other professionals globally for  Pink Lady Apples Photographer of the Year. One of the World's most respected and creative niche contests.